Ningbo Kunyuan Fastener Co., Ltd is committed to the high strength fastener supporting service of high and middle pressure valve, marine ships, chemical refining, fluid engineering, pressure vessel equipment, pressure piping, petrochemical equipment, new energy, environmental protection equipment, military machinery, wind power and nuclear power industries. More than 1000 tons of special grade fasteners are available for storage all year round, which can be used in short time to undertake large, medium and small nitrogen fertilizer urea petrochemical equipment and the first, second, and third types of pressure vessel equipment manufacturing plants as well as large state key projects. To meet the userundefineds timely maintenance tasks. 


Our company now has a perfect after-sales service system, through the continuous improvement of the quality system, our after-sales service system and after-sales security ability have been greatly improved, the company has been in line with "high-quality products, good faith service," The service policy of "constantly innovating and pursuing excellence", "timely, warm-hearted, perfect and considerate for customers" is the service tenet of our after-sales service personnel, all products sold by our company, and its technology and after-sale service work. We solemnly promise:

1. Design and manufacture according to the technical specification confirmed by both supply and demand strictly, carry out inspection according to national standard, strictly implement the regulation of quality assurance and quality responsibility in the National quality Law.

2. the company supplies the product to provide the product quality guarantee, the certificate of qualification.

3. Purchasers may send the personnel to our company to supervise the production product if considers necessarily.

4. The company provides technical advisory services for all kinds of products at any time.

5. Due to the product quality defects caused by manufacturing responsibility, the products are replaced by "three guarantees" products, which are replaced, returned, and repaired within 10 months from the date of delivery of the products in normal use, due to material defects, manufacturing quality and other causes of damage, our company is responsible for warranty or replacement. Due to the product quality defects caused by customer responsibility, the service fee is waived when we need after-sale service.

6. If there are any quality problems in the warranty period, the company will make the handling opinion within 1 hour after receiving the telephone or fax. 24 hours after sales service comrades arrive at the scene. According to the actual requirements of the project, the company can set up a project leader to ensure the timely delivery of the project.


Ningbo Kunyuan Fastener Co., Ltd. and Ningbo Ningli High strength Fastener Co., Ltd. have reached a cooperation agreement (Ningli Manufacturing, Kun Yuan matching) in the field of special grade fasteners of petrochemical industry from manufacturing to service. The company will always strengthen the sincere cooperation with new and old customers, as far as possible to meet the needs of customers, continue to reduce product costs, with the lowest price to build customer profits. Truly achieve mutual benefit, mutual benefit and win-win. Wish to work hand in hand with old and new friends to create brilliant.