Ningbo Kunyuan Fastener Co., Ltd. has long been committed to high and medium pressure valves; marine vessels, chemical refining, fluid engineering, pressure vessel equipment, pressure pipelines; petrochemical equipment; new energy, environmental protection equipment, military machinery, wind power, nuclear power and other industries High-strength fasteners are available.

Special-grade fasteners are commonly used in stocks of more than 1,000 tons per year. They can undertake large, medium and small nitrogen fertilizer urea petrochemical equipment and the first, second and third types of pressure vessel equipment manufacturers supporting large-scale national key projects in a short period of time. Meet the user's timely maintenance tasks.

Our company has a perfect after-sales service system. After continuous improvement of the quality system, our company's after-sales service system and after-sales support capability have been greatly improved and improved. The company has always been based on "quality products, honest service, continuous innovation, and pursuit." "Excellent" service policy, "timely, enthusiastic, perfect and consider for the user" is the service tenet of our company's after-sales service personnel.